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Game of Thrones is a popular series of books written by acclaimed writer George R. R. Martin. The book has been adapted to a TV series that has been consistently ranked as one of the best. A Dance with Dragons Audiobook is the fifth of seven books from the acclaimed writer.

On The Wall

Jon Snow has won the 998th Lord Commander elections of the Night’s Watch. But Jon Snow has enemies on both sides. Janos Slynt will not acknowledge Ned Stark’s bastard son as the Lord Commander, despite being named the winner of the elections. Knowing the disdain of Janos, Jon pointed out that the punishment for treason is death. Jon Snow publicly gave Janos three chances to mend his ways. Janos scoffed at the idea of being commanded by Jon Snow, refused to follow the three warnings, leading to his eventual execution. The death of Janos solidifies Jon Snow’s position as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Jon sends Val to for a truce with Tormund, the head of the wildings, and will attempt to bring the wildings back to the Wall. The ceasefire was a success and led to the return of a large number of windings to the Wall.

Across the Narrow Sea

After killing his father Tywin, Tyrion Lannister was smuggled to Pentos by Varys, where he is kept safe by Magister Illyrio. Tyrion is set to journey south, during the journey, Varys and Illyrio have hidden the presumably dead Prince Aegon Targaryen, with the intent of reinstating him as the King of Westeros. Tyrion advises Prince Aegon that Daenerys will not respect him if he offers aid. She will only respect him if he conquers other lands before he goes to her. Tyrion managed to convince the prince to attack the Seven Kingdoms without the help of Daenerys.

Slaver’s Bay

To the east, Daenerys Targaryen, believed to be the only heir of the House of Targaryen, has defeated and conquered Meereen City. But the battle for peace has yet to be won because of the many enemies that the House of Targaryen faces.

The point of view of A Dance with Dragons is unique compared to other books. It takes on the point of view of 18 different characters. The book is not only available in print but also in audiobook format. You do not have to sit down and read the entire book if you want to sit back and listen to the story unfold.


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