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A Clash of Kings Audiobook is the audio adaptation of a book written by the American novelist/author, George R. R. Martin. This particular book is the second novel in a series of fantasy fiction novels, entitled A Song of Ice and Fire; the first, being the more popular one, A Game of Thrones. It was published on November 16, 1998 and has since, sprung such an extensive following, that it has become one of the most famous icons of popular culture, along with all the other books in the series.

The novel, along all of its other sequels in the whole series, have been likened to some of the most popular high-fantasy books to have ever been created, such as The Lord of The Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and many more. To date, all the books, including A Clash of Kings, have sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. They have also been translated into more than 20 languages already, and have been transcribed, adapted, and turned into e-books, a small screen television series, and audiobooks, respectively.

Although highly read as an e-book, and so widely watched in its television series form, it would have to be the audiobook version of A Clash of Kings which take the popularity cake. There is just something so compelling about a storyteller’s voice, packaged into a whole audible audio book, which captivates an audience. It provides a feeling of an epic being told during the times of old, just like the setting of the book itself. There is no specific amount of audiobook copies of A Clash of Kings which have been sold worldwide, to date; however, if an estimation would be made, that number would easily be in the millions range.

There are many different sources wherein one would be able to attain a copy of an audiobook of a Clash of Kings. Just typing the right keywords into the search bar of an internet browser would already provide millions of results in less than a second. Even just searching for it on the social networking website/video sharing website YouTube, would give you about a thousand results, quickly. However, for the best quality of an audio book, the paid versions would have to be the best way to go. Some paid versions may even have famous celebrities’ voices reading and narrating the book. Who knows, maybe an audiobook version of A Clash of Kings, described by George R. R. Martin himself, is somewhere out there.


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