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The Land of Westeros comprises of numerous dazzling stories, including dragons, ancient prophecies and swords. The Land of Westeros has seven kingdoms, but just one king. The foundation of the book is laid by power struggles for the throne. The perfect mix of emotions, courage and mystery make George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series one of the most popular bestselling books.

Currently, George R.R Martin has come up with 5 books. There have been rumors that the series will end at seven books. This epic tale has already sold over 15 million copies. It has been translated into over 20 languages in many different parts of the world. There are also famous video games, comics, and a hit TV show that keeps shattering records.

George R.R Martin is a famous short story writer and novelist in the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. He’s also a television producer and screenwriter. George R.R Martin is best known for Game of Thrones – A Song of Ice and Fire. The Game of Thrones Audiobook is considered to be an excellent adaptation of the internationally bestselling series.

A Game of Thrones series follows eight primary characters. Each of the characters plays a different role and holds a different point of view. The Game of Thrones Audiobook has been roughly divided into three different stories, interconnected with each other.

These three stories include the emerging threat of a magical, mysterious race, the war of many feuding families and the uprising of a princess. All the events in this book unfold in a set chronological order even when the events take place 100 miles apart.

The audiobook has been narrated by Roy Dotrice. He’s a successful British actor and an old friend of George R.R Martin. Roy has always been famous for both his range of voices and energy. He aims to give every character in the book his/her unique mannerisms and inflections.

From the elderly and kids to the inform, Roy has been able to capture the exact emotion of every character. The overall experience was exceptional. In fact, due to the success of the Game of Thrones Audiobook, Roy has been commissioned to read other audiobooks in the rest of the series.

Although scheduling conflicts didn’t allow him to give his voice to book four (A Feast for Crows), the fan outrage was so huge that he resolved issues, and went back to record the book in time. The Game of Thrones Audiobook lasts for 800 pages or 33 hours. It’s a very nice, long listen. You can sit back, and enjoy Roy’s mesmerizing voice as he takes you through the Land of Westeros.

The Appeal

With werewolves, knights and a mysterious plot, it’s easy to understand why A Game of Thrones is an exceptional book in the fiction genre. Although there were already lovable classics like the Sword of Truth and the Lord of the Rings, George R.R Martin still managed to grab the uninterrupted attention of the readers.

A major part of the appeal lies in Martin’s high fantasy execution. The audiobook is a masterpiece in world building and world building. There are hundreds of characters in many dozens of families. Each character has its ancestral history, sigils, and mottos. You can read this book over and over again.

George R.R Martin is a genius storyteller, especially when it comes to mystery books. Who are the White Walkers? Who was Jon Snow’s mother? Who tried to Kill whom? While some questions have already been answered, others are still looking to be resolved.

A Game of Thrones Audiobook always comes across as a book with many surprises. The series has been able to build a strong reputation among listeners. The book presents enticing mysteries and examples that keep you engaged and interested until the end. The surprises have been designed in a way that you’ll never see them coming. While listening to the audiobook, you will never know how things are going to turn out.

To conclude, A Game of Thrones Audiobook is a thrilling experience. It is a well-loved series by people from all age groups, genders, and locations. The audiobook is worth the price, and you’ll be completely amazed by the talents of Roy Dotrice. For some listeners, it might be a long journey. But the destination will make it worthwhile.

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