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A Storm of Swords Audiobook is the third novel of a book series called A Song of Ice and Fire. This book, along with all of the others included in the series, was written by American writer George R. R. Martin. It was published on the 8th of August, 2000, and was, at the time of the publication, the longest book of the series. It joins its prequels, namely, A Game of Thrones, and A Clash of Kings, as one of the most famous pieces of fantasy fiction in modern popular culture today, and has even been adapted into a television show, translated into various different languages worldwide, and even turned into tons of e-books, as well as audio books.

This particular entry in the series of A Song of Fire and Ice follows its prequel, A Clash of Kings only shortly after that book’s ending. War is still plaguing The Seven Kingdoms; the common folk, the ruling House of Baratheon, as well as the major houses of Westeros are being devastated by the war; there is trouble at the Wall; and, a movement in the east is happening. After reading this book, critics praised it as being “absolutely one of the most satisfying and gratifying pieces of gigantism in contemporary fiction…” And, although A Storm of Swords lost the Hugo Award for Best Novel to Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, that has still not stopped it from being one of the most famous pieces of high, epic fantasy fiction in the last few decades.

Although A Storm of Swords has been translated into at least 20 different languages, and has been turned into a television series, one its most popular alternative forms would still have to be its audio book form. It is so popular, in fact, that there are easily dozens of different audio book versions peppered throughout the market, as well as the internet. If one happens to be interested in attaining a copy of A Storm of Swords audio book, one need to look no further than his or her own computer screen.

Having said that fact, the only way to be absolutely certain about the audio book’s narrating quality, would have to be by means of purchasing the priced versions. Though it may seem like an unnecessary purchase, one can undoubtedly rest assured, that the version he or she paid for, is an absolute joy to listen to.

A Storm of Swords: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3
Format: Audio Book

Publisher: Random House Audio
Duration: 47:40
Date Published:
Language: English
ISBN: 0739308734

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